Let Your Customers Design It

Why give your clients the kitchen design tool first? To discover exactly what they want. In business, the customer is always right, so it’s important to find out what they view as a good kitchen design that fits their style and personal needs. You will still have the opportunity to make design suggestions afterwards, but it will be much easier.

  • See It In 3D

    Kitchen design software can give your client full access to cabinet, countertop, and appliance options including colors along with a 3D visualization of what their kitchen to look like after completion. The user-friendly software will make it easy for each client to exercise their design creativity.

  • Make Adjustments

    Your client’s preliminary kitchen design can be integrated into the professional design software to ensure that the plan is up to code and is scrutinized for mistakes. With these kitchen design software features, the professional can edit the plan as needed and order the correct building materials.

  • Make Design Changes

    Minimizing do-overs of the plan is key to moving a project along, but clients may request changes because they can’t visualize the end result. Kitchen design software enables you to save both time and money by streamlining the progression through all of the design stages with approval of each change.

Make It a Part of Your Website

Capture potential clients by embedding a kitchen design tool on your company's website. You can find out who has tried out the tool and reach out to them to offer your services. Beyond the client design phase, a kitchen design tool can be a powerful ally in growing your business.